I worked with the Crimson White my freshman and sophomore year. The Crimson White is the University of Alabama’s student newspaper. I started out as a contributing photographer and by my second semester I was Assistant Photo Editor, I held that position until the end of my sophomore year. I primarily covered Alabama sporting events with news sprinkled in my first year.
I was brought on to train under the, at the time, football photographer. My first year I was able to cover all the home games and then the post season games. My second year I was the head football photographer and traveled to all of the games, including the 2018 National Championship against Georgia. Outside of football my responsibilities also required me to cover men’s basketball, gymnastics, and baseball.
My responsibilities as Assistant Photo Editor consisted of helping the Photo Editor choose photos for the print issue and online galleries. I also edited the photos for print when the Photo Editor was not there.
The Crimson White, Drinking Edition
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